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Travel Documents

What documents do I need for traveling to Cuba? 

Travelers should have a valid passport and a Cuban Tourist Card (also known as a tourist visa). Some airlines include this card in the price of your ticket or allow you to purchase it directly from them before departure.

Are travel insurance and health documents required?

Yes, Cuba requires all visitors to have travel health insurance. Upon arrival, you may be asked to present proof of health insurance that covers medical expenses in Cuba.

For US Citizens

What are the travel restrictions for US citizens visiting Cuba?

U.S. citizens are prohibited from engaging in tourist activities. All travel must fall under one of the authorized categories, such as family visits, professional research, religious activities, humanitarian projects, and others.

Can US citizens use credit cards in Cuba?

U.S. bank-issued credit or debit cards cannot be used in Cuba. Travelers should plan to bring sufficient cash to cover their expenses. Also, you´d check our services and package to hire all services you will need.


Currency & Spending Money

What currency should I bring to Cuba?

It's recommended to bring Euros, Canadian dollars, or British pounds, as these currencies typically offer better exchange rates compared to U.S. dollars, which incur a 10% exchange penalty at CADECA the official exchange market.

How does spending money work in Cuba for foreigners?

Most private restaurants (paladares) and shops accept foreign currency directly, and many places also accept credit cards issued by non-U.S. banks. However, transactions at state-run stores, hotels, and for services like gasoline often require payment in local currency or with a pre-purchased debit card available in Cuba as Prepaid card for travels of Bandec´s Bank or Classica of CADECA.





Internet Access

How can I access the internet in Cuba?

Access is available via Wi-Fi hotspots in certain public areas and hotels. Purchasing a Wi-Fi card from ETECSA (the state telecommunications company) is necessary.


Internet Access and phone calls

How can I access the internet and pone calls in Cuba?

Access is available via data and phone calls plans. Purchasing a SIM card from ETECSA (the state telecommunications company) is necessary, unlock phone and pay a phone call plan.

You could activate a roaming phone call from your telephone company and ask the international fee. 
EUA Verizon 
EUA Sprint 
EUA AT&T Mobility 
USA T-Mobile

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