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"We make it easy for you in any direction"

The ideal place only for you to travel to Cuba

Rooms & Rates



We have the new rates for vacation rentals for visiting all country. Also we find the place your need it. 




We have the right price and wide choices for transportation inland. Private cabs, car rentals and more.




We have some outdoor and fun activities as fairs, walks, bycicles rides, foods and discover the culture.

Most popular places

Piano Player


01/19 - 01/23

We invite you to the Havana jazz festival for 5 nights. You can find a romantic atmosphere of good music with jazz. Includes passport ticktes for all performances.


$2450 US

Piano Player

Viñales + Havana route

01/18 - 01/26

Trip to discover the action of city trips with the contrast of the countryside. You can enjoy urban landscapes and contrast of the countryside. 7 nights



Charming Streets

Havana + Trinidad route

01/27 - 02/01

If you like to admire heritage cities and live the experience of living in the past. This trip is the ideal to know and describe the beauty of both cities. 6 Nights



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