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Acubamos Tours:
Your Door to Authentic Experiences in Cuba

We are dedicated to unlocking the rich tapestry of Cuba's culture, history, and vibrant life through meticulously curated trips. Our mission is to provide travelers with an unparalleled journey into the heart of Cuba, where every trip is more than just a visit—it's a deep dive into authentic experiences that inspire, educate, and connect. With Acubamos Tours, embark on a journey where each destination opens doors to new discoveries and lasting memories.



  • Organize a trip with your family and friends in Cuba!

  • Organize special and catering events (marriages, quinceñera, reunions)



  • Nature & Adventure Trips.

  • Bird watching, Photo Tours and eco adventure.

  • Educational trips to engage to educational levers of Cuba. Interact with your counterpart and develop relationships with communities.

  • Food trips discover foods and flavors of traditional.



Introduction to business communities and professional events



⁠Contact religious groups and work with them. Activities to support their activities such as social work and donations.

Annual Events and Festivals

Congresses and conventions: Exchange knowledge and experiences with experts from around the world in a stimulating professional environment.
Film, music, theatre and dance festivals: Enjoy the most authentic artistic expressions of Cuba and let yourself be driven by its talent and creativity.
Exhibitions and fairs: Explore the latest trends in various sectors, from crafts to technology.
Sports Events: Live the passion of sport in a unique and contagious atmosphere.
Take a look at our schedule of events, you will be interested in some of them:


Old Havana: City in Movement

April 21 to 23

Old Havana: City in Movement is an annual dance festival that takes place in the streets of Old Havana, Cuba in April. The festival features national and international dancers and dance companies performing traditional and contemporary dance in the city's parks, museums, and squares. The festival also includes workshops, exhibitions, and conferences.

Romerias de Mayo.jpeg

Romerias de Mayo

May 17 to 2024

The March of the Cross of May, which was celebrated on the third day of this month in the city of Holguín, presumably since the late 18th century, is one of the events of a religious and popular character arrived in the territory with the Spanish conquest and colonization.

International Ernest Hemingway Needlefish Tournament

June 12 to 17 in Havana, Cuba

This is a fishing tournament held off the coast from Havana, for the big needlefish species such as wahoo, marlin, and tuna whose natural habitat is in these nutrient rich waters. Catching these fish was one of Ernest Hemmingway’s most passionate pastimes. It can be said that loved to fish as much as he loved to drink, and it was he himself that established the event in 1950 and hosted it for a decade until his unhappy exit from Cuba. The festival has its headquarters at the Hemmingway Marina, and attracts hordes of fisher people from many different countries.

Cuba Playa.jpg

Fall in love with Cuba

Cuba, the island of music, sauce and mojitos, awaits you with open arms to fall in love with its charms. Let yourself be captivated by its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, its vibrant culture and the warmth of its people.

Cuba: descubre cuándo es el mejor momento para tu viaje perfecto.

¿Sueñas con playas paradisíacas, música vibrante y una cultura fascinante? Cuba te espera.

Cuba te espera. Pero antes de lanzarte a la aventura, descubre cuándo es el mejor momento para tu viaje ideal.

Clima tropical, emociones a flor de piel:

  • Temporada húmeda (mayo-octubre): Disfruta de temperaturas cálidas (22-31ºC) y lluvias tropicales que refrescan el ambiente. Ideal para surfistas y amantes de la naturaleza exuberante.

  • Estación seca (noviembre-abril): Cielos soleados y temperaturas templadas (20-26ºC) te esperan para explorar la isla sin preocupaciones. Perfecta para quienes buscan playas paradisíacas y actividades al aire libre.



Travel Documents What documents do I need for traveling to Cuba?* Travelers should have a valid passport and a Cuban Tourist Card (also known as a tourist visa). Some airlines include this card in the price of your ticket or allow you to purchase it directly from them before departure.

Are travel insurance and health documents required? Yes, Cuba requires all visitors to have travel health insurance. Upon arrival, you may be asked to present proof of health insurance that covers medical expenses in Cuba.

For US Citizens What are the travel restrictions for US citizens visiting Cuba?* U.S. citizens are prohibited from engaging in tourist activities. All travel must fall under one of the authorized categories, such as family visits, professional research, religious activities, humanitarian projects, and others.

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